Sarah Herrera Jenkins, NP

Meet Sarah Herrera Jenkins, NP

Sarah Herrera is a board-certified, acute care nurse practitioner. For more than a decade, Sarah has worked alongside Dr. Jenkins in assisting in the daily clinical management of the practice as well as assisting with alleviating patients’ discomfort and pain. She continues to work closely with our office staff and with Dr. Jenkins to help patients throughout the entire spectrum of their treatment from the point of diagnosis, and peri-operatively through years of postoperative follow-up.

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Pennsylvania and went on to obtain her Master of Science in Nursing Degree at New York University. She holds a certification in Neuroscience Nursing through the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing. In addition, Sarah is a registered first assistant in surgery and holds the distinction of being one of the first of Mount Sinai Hospital’s credentialed Nurse Practitioners with privileges to assist with surgical procedures in the operating room. She is also the President and CEO of the Greenwich Neurological Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to spinal research.

About Sarah Herrera