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Patient Testimonials

"I have had spinal issues for many years and have seen many fine orthopedic and neurological surgeons. For me, Dr. Jenkins is the finest of them all. He is the one that I finally chose to assist me with the thoracic spinal condition that bothered me with increasing intensity over a period of several years."

Robert Wisotsky

New York

“For my cervical spinal stenosis, Dr. Jenkins performed a ‘hinged laminoplasty,’ a type of minimally invasive spine surgery that is approached posteriorly. It is an innovative operation rather than the more conventionally performed anterior fusion. After surgery, I was pain and symptom free and I didn’t have to wear a neck collar post-op (which apparently is necessary after an anterior fusion). He and his staff were terrific. He and his nurse practitioner, Sarah Nichol, were always available and answered all of my queries. I would highly recommend Dr. Jenkins.”

H.P. Goodheart

New York

“I could go on all day about Dr. Jenkins’ professional proficiency and the ease with which he explains technical procedures and issues — in a way that allows non-medical people to actually understand the procedure without being scared to death. My wife and I are most grateful his willingness to listen actively, spend the time trying to work through issues that are not easily evident, his personal commitment to try to help patients regain and maintain the ability to do what makes them feel vital and able to engage in life, not just watch it happen around them. I, along with my family, cannot thank Dr. Jenkins and his associates enough.”

Al Well

New York

“I emphatically recommend Dr. Jenkins. He is a consummate professional who embodies the phase “caring for his patients.” He makes you feel as though your health and recovery are his only priority. I’m grateful to Dr. Jenkins for his knowledge, empathy and outstanding technical surgery skills.”

Barbara D.

New York

“Dr. Jenkins reviewed all of my test results and proposed a less invasive solution to my problems. He took the time to explain my MRI, CT scan and X-rays and also revealed the extent of the stenosis by detailing the measurements he had taken from the tests. This was a total surprise to me. Two orthopedists and another neurosurgeon had viewed the same tests and had never taken the time to tell me my spinal canal was about half of the normal size and that my myelopathy could be relieved in a minimally invasive manner. Dr. Jenkins was the only one who took the time and had the empathy to look at the whole picture and tailor a solution to fit both the problem and the patient.”

Louis Casagrande

New York

“Dr. Jenkins had a simple, straightforward way of explaining what the problem in my spine was and how he was going to fix it. I had seen several different doctors throughout my journey with my back pain and he was the first to be upfront and honest about what I could expect from surgery. I was very skeptical about how much relief I would be getting as a result of the operation due to the many years I had spent in chronic pain. Although it took time and weeks of physical therapy, I am happy to say that I am pain-free and finally feel back to normal”.

Melvin McLean

New York

" Dr Jenkins did thoracic surgery on me that 3 other surgeons refused to do- too difficult they said- he never hesitated for a moment- explained exactly what he was doing and used a method that no other surgeon even Does-Every aspect was over and above professional! "

Josh Zaretsky

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