Bertolotti’s Syndrome

Bertolotti’s Syndrome is the clinical presentation of back pain, sciatica (electrical pain that shoots down the leg), or both, associated with the congenital anomaly of a bone in the spine rubbing against part of the pelvis, also known as a lumbosacral transitional vertebra (LSTV).  Because of the overlap of the symptoms with other more common…[read more]

Treating the Patient with A “Failed Back”

Dr. Jenkins

I often see patients who have been labeled with the term “failed back.”  This general term applies to patients who have already had spinal surgery, which their surgeons have labeled as having been technically successful, but the patient did not see adequate clinical benefit and is still considered to be symptomatic in spite of the…[read more]

How Running Impacts Your Spine


I actually will allow my nonprofessional athletes to return to running 3 months after spinal surgery rather than one year for this very reason.  Obviously, professional athletes have different risk tolerance because of the financial incentives involved, and I advise them to keep that in mind when they return to their strenuous activities during their…[read more]