COVID-19 Patient Safety Procedures at Jenkins NeuroSpine


We’re taking extra care — so you don’t delay your treatment. We understand there may be some concern about in-person appointments. We have those same concerns. We have put in strict safety protocols to protect our patients and staff to ensure that patients who require in-person appointments (such as a pre-surgical visit) do not need…[read more]

Treating the Patient with A “Failed Back”

Dr. Jenkins

I often see patients who have been labeled with the term “failed back.”  This general term applies to patients who have already had spinal surgery, which their surgeons have labeled as having been technically successful, but the patient did not see adequate clinical benefit and is still considered to be symptomatic in spite of the…[read more]

How To Fix Spinal Fluid Leaks After Back Surgery

leaky pipe to symbolize spinal fluid leak

While the vast majority of surgeries are safe, undergoing any does mean you accept the risk of complications that your doctor has outlined. And with spinal surgery, cerebrospinal fluid leaks (also known as a CSF leak or a spinal fluid leak) is one such complication. Anatomy of the Spine Spinal surgery is delicate business, because…[read more]