Case Studies


The symptoms I was experiencing before the surgery were neck pain radiating down through my chest, headaches, loss of sensation in my arms and legs, and dizziness upon turning my head.


“I am not a believer in miracles. This is a story of my miracle, written as insufficient thanks to Drs. Stuart Kahn and Arthur Jenkins, as well as the superb staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital.”


“I have had spinal issues for many years and have seen many fine orthopedic and neurological surgeons. For me, Dr. Jenkins is the finest of them all. He is the one that I finally chose to assist me with the thoracic spinal condition that bothered me with increasing intensity over a period of several years.”


“Dr. Jenkins has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to him and his superb staff for their expertise and care. I am happy that I put my trust in him. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins, his staff, and Mt. Sinai Hospital to anyone facing a similar situation as mine.”