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I am 73 years old and have never been one to go to the doctor. I worked hard all my life, first as a laborer and then as a bus driver. After retiring 10 years ago, I slowly began to have an increase in back and leg pain. I went to pain management and had cortisone shots in my spine. I was told that arthritis in my back was part of aging and the pain was something I would have to live with. So I learned to deal with it and “grin and bear it.”

During the past year, however, the pain in my lower back became almost too much to bear, and worse, the pain was now radiating down both of my legs. I could no longer walk without dragging my feet. I could only sit and stand for short periods of time. I relied on a cane to get around. The pain was constant. I was only sleeping a few hours a night. My quality of life had deteriorated. I could no longer do the things I loved: playing with my grandchildren, attending their sporting events, and vacationing with my wife. My primary care physician sent me for an MRI that showed not only arthritis in my spine, but also a major disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and a blockage in the lower lumbar spine that was compressing the nerves in my legs. He was amazed that I was still walking. I tried going to a chiropractor who told me that he could not help with the pain. He told me to go see a surgeon. He recommended Dr. Jenkins.

From the moment I met Dr. Jenkins, he put me completely at ease. This was quite a feat, as I never really trusted doctors before. He was honest and answered all of my questions and concerns. He told me that I needed surgery and that he would perform a minimally invasive procedure that would have me home right away. He was straightforward about the risks, but the positives outweighed them. I scheduled the surgery right away. Sarah, Dr. Jenkin’s assistant was so helpful throughout the entire scheduling process. She even set up a tour of Mt. Sinai Hospital for my wife and me and we met the surgical staff before my procedure. This really put our minds at ease and prepared us for the surgery. The staff at Mt. Sinai Hospital were professional and caring.

After surgery and discharge, Dr. Jenkins and his staff were there to answer all of our concerns. They phoned us back right away, no matter what time of day, and were always patient and reassuring.

It is now one month after my surgery. I am walking again without dragging my feet and without a cane. I am virtually pain-free! I go for physical therapy twice a week. I am slowly working my way up to being able to bend and stretch and perhaps even dance again. All things that I would have never thought possible! I can sit and play cards with my granddaughters, attend their games and recitals, and my wife and I are planning a long-awaited vacation for the spring. My retirement has become a time for me to enjoy my life and my family and no longer a time of living with old age and pain. Dr. Jenkins has changed my life for the better. I am so grateful to him and his superb staff for their expertise and care. I am happy that I put my trust in him. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jenkins, his staff, and Mt. Sinai Hospital to anyone facing a similar situation as mine. Thank you, Dr. Jenkins!

Rye, New York

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