What is Coccydynia?

Coccydynia is pain in the region of the tailbone with or without associated pain radiating further down into the pelvic region. This pain is usually made worse by sitting or by pressure on the tailbone itself, as well as other activities and normal body functions that involve the lower pelvic region.

How is Coccydynia Diagnosed?

A thorough history and physical exam are required to start the diagnosis and appropriate imaging is necessary to determine the next steps.

Some patients have a complex instability that may even involve a fracture of the lower sacrum, the point where the tailbone/coccyx attaches to the sacrum. Some, because of their anatomy or physiology (such as osteoporosis), may also be more prone to low sacral fractures. These low sacral fractures can contribute to failure if only the tailbone is resected, but a floating fractured piece of sacrum is still present.

How is Coccydynia Treated?

Jenkins NeuroSpine has developed a multidimensional approach to coccydynia involving injections, endoscopic resection, or microscopic resection that results in improved outcomes for patients.