Lower Back Pain

What is Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a very common condition that most people will suffer from at some point during their lifetime.

In many cases, the pain is the result of damage or injury to the muscles and ligaments in the back

What Are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a general symptom that could mean different things to different patients, based on their unique history and diagnosis. Generally, back pain symptoms may include any of the following:
  • Dull aches and pains
  • Reduced flexibility
  • Muscle spasms, which can be severe
  • Soreness to the touch
  • Difficulty moving
In some cases, low back pain may refer to other parts of the body. When pain travels to the groin, buttocks, or legs, for example, there is a strong possibility that you have developed sciatica (see section on sciatica).

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Acute lower back pain is most often caused by muscle or ligament strains. Lifting heavy objects or twisting can cause your muscles and ligaments to pull and stretch, or even develop small tears.

Many structures in your spine can cause pain, so the exact causes of lower back pain can be complicated and varied. That’s why it’s essential to communicate thoroughly with your doctor about the severity of your pain, when it comes on, and as much other detail as you can provide. Your treatment will depend on the history of the pain and any activities that might have made the pain better or worse.

When surgery becomes necessary, Jenkins NeuroSpine focuses on minimally invasive and innovative surgical treatment.